Convergence Presenter Profile: Tracey Ogilvie McDonald

Tracey Ogilvie McDonald

Tracey Ogilvie McDonald
For Tracey, attending a general interest course in Aromatherapy through the Institute of Aromatherapy (Toronto), in 2003 was her ‘ah ha’ moment. While learning about the oils – and the plants and flowers that provide them – Tracey realized that we were always part of Earth. This realization has changed the course of her life. 

As well as being a 2nd Level Usui ReiKi practitioner, Tracey is an accomplished dowser, and Qi Stone Massage practitioner. Yet it was the desire to bring natural ingredient products to her family and friends that brought Tracey to herbal healthcare. 

In 2009, she started her formal education in herbalism through The Living Centre (London). In 2010, she and her husband spent an awkward but incredible three day weekend exploring the unfamiliar world of green through a Forest Gardening workshop. That weekend brought new awareness and passion, and today Tracey is a strong voice for Earth. 

Tracey has brought herbal healthcare to her family and friends, but her focus remains on holistic healthcare, of which our green friends are a major part.

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