Convergence Presenter Profile: Shantree Kacera


Shantree Kacera, D.N., Ph.D
Shantree is a Permaculture Educator, Nutritionist, Therapeutic Herbalist, Ecological Consultant & Forest Garden Practitioner with 40 years experience in the Organic Natural Healing Arts. He is an expert on the medicinal and nutritional properties of herbs and trees of Carolinian Canada. His primary focus these days are on research, demonstration and education. He is the founder and co-director of The Living Centre (1983), and Living Arts Institute. Shantree received his doctorate in Nutritional Medicine and Herbalism in the 70’s.

Shantree has studied useful edible, nutritional and medicinal plants and organic gardening for 40 years. The Living Centre maintains about 5-acres of forest gardens which has around 1,000 useful perennial foods and medicinal plants or self-seeding species. 

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