Convergence Presenter Profile: Elijah Richardson

Elijah Rochardson Feb2015

Elijah Richardson at an early age was introduced to the importance and connectedness to the earth by his grandfather! Through out Elijah’s life has been connected to horticulture in some capacity , from landscaping to nursery work to horticulture therapy to organic farming !

For the past 15 years Elijah has been interested in sustainable agriculture and this has influenced his passions! He has been working with the environment since the early nineties! And in 2000 attained a Environmental Engineering diploma in waste management! And in 2005 received a child and youth worker diploma and has been connecting the two together ever since!

Elijah has been exploring, observing , building and maintaining small forest gardens wherever he lives! And believes building healthy sustainable communities is paramount which in-turn parallels the intricate relationships between nature!

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