About the Guild

 Our Vision

The Carolinian Canada Forest Garden Guild encourages and nurtures forest gardening.  This is a system of conscious, sustainable, ecological design for growing food, fuel, fibre, fodder, fertilizer, and “farmaceuticals,” as well as fun, in the southern part of Ontario. The group is composed of people already trained in, or experienced with, forest gardening, permaculture, and/or other complementary practices.

Our vision is of a future in which many of our local needs are met through carefully designed and maintained forest gardens.  We work towards this through our connections with ourselves, each other, the earth, other organizations, our families, our local communities, and our global community.

Through research, networking, supporting and inspiring others, we promote forest gardening in our Carolinian bioregion.

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Our Mission

Networking and Supporting

  • Grow relationships between forest gardeners, organic and ecological farmers, herbalists, nutritionists, foragers and others in related areas

  • Network to share resources, ideas, inspiration, and passion

  • Create business and trade opportunities

  • Participate in larger forest gardening and permaculture networks


Public Outreach

  • Raise awareness about, and promote forest gardening

  • Collaborate with farmers, businesses, conservation groups, and government to formally recognize forest gardening as a legitimate form of sustainable and regenerative production

  • Provide opportunities for forest garden and permaculture education including tours and demonstration sites


  • Act as an umbrella for small groups and individuals doing research on forest garden and permaculture topics

  • Provide a nurturing space to share experiments, and research results

  • Keep abreast of what is happening in other bioregions around the world



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